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Benefits of Unite 

  • Highly reliable cloud phone service for making crystal clear calls

  • Powerful video/web conferencing with screen sharing capabilities to boost productivity and make meetings more effective

  • Chat and messaging to make collaboration quick and easy

  • Enterprise-grade file sharing and backup that protects all of your files and puts them right at your fingertips

  • Desktop and mobile applications that allow for seamless communication anytime and anywhere


Benefits of video conferencing specifically

  • Meet from anywhere with high-quality 720p HD video and audio meetings.

  • Flexibility to host or access meetings from any desktop or mobile device.

  • Easy screen sharing and annotation to mark-up images.

  • Secure meetings with HIPAA-compliant end-to-end encryption.

  • Fast, easy, reliable set-up and operations.

Intermedia Unite 

Woman on Phone
Phone Call

Are you paying high cell phone fees to keep your team connected?  

What’s the common thread that affects both customer satisfaction and employee productivity? Our system provides an app that connects your team's cell phone to their desk or computer-based softphone.    

Your business phone system.
The phone is the front door for customers to your business and the primary tool for your employees to collaborate and get work done. Research1 indicates 65% of people still prefer to contact a business by phone versus only 24% who prefer a web form. And by 2021, it’s estimated2 that 72.7% of the U.S. population will have a smartphone. Despite this, many businesses still rely on old phone technology that was installed before the smartphone was even invented.  These legacy phone systems usually require a hard-wired phone switching system—a server box tangled in wires and
randomly blinking lights, often hidden in a closet—that routes calls and manages telephone lines and phone features.

But the advent of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile and connected devices, as well as the trend of moving business functions to the cloud, has evolved behavior and expectations from customers and employees alike. It’s a new world—and competitive companies in all industries are switching to lower cost and more flexible cloud-based business phone systems to keep current with customer needs. In fact, 86% of U.S. small businesses3 claim they plan to evaluate new business phone systems in the next three years.

Cloud-based phone systems offer three advantages over hard-wired, on-premises legacy
phone systems:
1| They help you maintain contact with always-on customers.
2| They enable you to attract talent and optimize their productivity.
3| They reduce costs and eliminate surprise expenses.
Read on to learn how these advantages benefit your business.

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