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IoT Data Collection at a Systems-Wide Level

Are you ready to manage your power usage and peak demand loads?  Do you have an energy monitoring initiative for a town, city,  building, a wing, or a department?  Are you stuck monitoring only your meter with no data on what drives the peak?

We can recommend an IoT data collection array for your electrical, gas, HVAC, air quality, food service, freezer, Waste Water Treatment Plant, cooler, or workshop needs.    We install and provide support to configure the monitoring systems.     We have multiple systems for different needs all ready to go for you.   

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You may have HVAC monitoring.  However, you don't have one system that pulls all of your data from every utility and space into one easy to use monitoring dashboard.  The power of IoT starts with the fact that systems are not interfacing, but you are collecting actual data live via the sensor array. 


Our Systems from Monnit will also email and text you

notification of issues.  

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