Do you want a creative non-

conventional technology solution

for your workplace?  Would you like 

to collect data and make better decisions 

without adding to your

personnel costs?  We can help. 


Vaping Sensors-We can help.  

Next Tier-Products

SIM Card Rentals

Providing  Low Price High Quality Solutions for Your Needs

We find the innovative cost-saving solutions you need.  We sell and install IoT Systems that monitor  Air Quality, Energy Usage, HVAC performance,  & site security. We also source, sell and install the leading edge VOIP and Cellular Data solutions

Are you ready to connect your buildings, buses, vehicles, barns, CAFO sites, or equipment to the web!  We can help you get this done.  

Next Tier Products has the connectivity solutions you need no matter where you do business.     


We sell, engineer, and install monthly data cellular solutions for any type of connectivity.  No data need is too small or too big!!! 

Technology is more than social media.  Servers, Mini Computers, software, cloud services, and IOT sensors all need to be part of a comprehensive job training or education program.

IoT doesn't have to be really complicated.  Do you know if your energy savings plan are producing results?  One meter from your provider doesn't give you enough data to make changes.

Next Tier searches all suppliers and networks trying to find the innovative security tools that help to maintain a safe school.  We don't sell what everyone else does.  We focus on the special.

Camp Highlights

We find the products you need and support your implementation plans.  We are not just about sales. 

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